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Friendly advice

Getting in touch and staying safe

We don’t vet anyone. We just give you possible matches.

We don't allow photos to reduce the risk of vulnerable people being exploited.

Find out as much as you can about the other people to reassure yourselves. Don't feel pressured and trust your instincts.

You may want to ask some questions:

• Can we see your social media accounts?

• Will you video call with your family ?

• Do you have documents which prove who you are?


We also suggest a few ‘red flags’ to watch out for:

• If your host asks for goods, services or personal requests in exchange for your stay

• If the person at the location isn’t the person to whom you have been speaking 

• If the host or guest asks for your financial details or passwords

• If either of you feel unsafe, trust your instincts

If you're not completely sure, don't do it.

In the home

Everyone is new to this. Everyone is different. You will be working it out as you go along. But please remember it is a home, and discuss what everyone is comfortable with. Please be flexible where possible, and always be respectful to each other. Agree as much as you can up front to avoid future misunderstandings.

Emotional issues

Until your guests arrive, you won’t know what they have been through. Your compassion has brought you here and we are sure that will be extended to your guests in person. If your guests want to talk, lend them a sympathetic ear. If they don't, we are sure you will respect that too.

Practical help

There is a lot of help out there, whether on Facebook, local charities, churches and the Council.

• If you can host a Ukrainian refugee for 6 months or more then you can also register on the UK Government website.

• Think about mealtimes, and whether you want to cook and eat together, sometimes or not at all. Guests will want to help so talk it through.

• ‍If Guests needs emotional or medical help, contact local doctors and the local Council.

• For everything else a quick Google search will provide refugee charities in your area.

• Don’t forget to ask your neighbours and friends. Everyone can help with food, blankets, company and other assistance.

• Please consider sharing you WIFI details, and any unused old devices, as well as perhaps clothes, shoes etc.

• Communication is key, so if you have strong feelings about anything, talk about it at the beginning. Discuss any parameters straight away so everyone knows where they stand.

Next steps

Everyone understands this is not a permanent arrangement. You will have already discussed your timeframes. Please work together to find guests their next home.

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