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How it works

UKrefuge is here to directly connect volunteer Hosts and refugee Guests. 

To reduce the risk of exploitation, we do not allow people to post photographs of themselves. We urge you to be safe and visit our Friendly Advice page.

Once you have found a match, if Ukrainian, you can both then head to the Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme where hosts and refugees can register, and will be vetted in due course.

I am a Refugee

Step 1 - Register as a Guest

If you are in need of a temporary home, please register as a Guest. You can sign up and add other people with you.

Step 2 - Search for a Host

You can then search our database of volunteer Hosts.

Step 3 - Get in touch

To get in touch, click the Contact button.

I have room to Host

Step 1 - Register as a Host

If you have spare room and are able to host, please register as a Host. We will then send you an email link which you will need to contact refugees Guests.

Step 2 - Search for refugees

To search for refugee Guests, go to Find Guests. To contact someone, simply click their name.

Step 3 - Exchange information

To get in touch, click the Contact button.

I have found a Guest


Thank you so much! Amazing!

To de-register just click on Host Offer which is also found in "Account". Then Delete.

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